Security Forces

The Security Forces faction can be used to represent any type of organised security force such as paramilitaries, colony defence forces, spaceport security or regular police units.

Each spaceport is controlled by officers from the Inviroate Customs Division, who are responsible for ensuring that import duties are paid on all freight. A major part of the their role is in suppressing the gangs which have inflitrated almost every level of the spaceports.

Planetary security is generally under the control of the Office of the Protector, which is part of the High Guardian's security apparatus. Some settlements at the outer reaches of the Commonwealth are more likely to employ a private police force, or depending on the influence of the corporations may be represented by a corporation-funded militia. It is one of these partially funded corporate militias on Isfara which initiated the nuclear strike against Sabsevar.  The Isfaran Development and Mining Corporation had been plundering a number of ice moons around Sabsevar, which lodged an official complaint with the Protector of Isfara.  In response, General Horkann Gurvitz of the Isfara Planetary Defence Force launched a pre-emptive strike in extreme contravention to Commonwaelth law.  Gurvitz was sentenced to death, but disappeared before he could be captured by the Commonwealth High Guard.

On colony worlds, it is common for each major settlement to raise their own security forces in the absence of 'official' police forces.  Part of the Colonisation Charter stipulates that the sponsors of a new colony must guarantee the safety and security of all settlers.  Once the colony has reached a certain level of maturity, then the Commonwealth will assume administrative duties and provide its own police force.  This policy is regarded as being severely flawed by many commentators as it encourages Colony Sponsors to neglect their security duties in favour of making greater profits.

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