Highly prized for their skills, mercenaries are the most expensive soldiers to recruit.

The frequent wars and countless minor conflicts between planets and corporations provide a fertile training ground for mercenaries. Many mercenaries started life in some type of security organisation, whether that be police, militia or corporate security, but realised at some point that if they were going to die, they might as well get rich doing it. And get to see some of the universe too.

One of the most infamous mercenary leaders is Marduk, who made his name during the Intercessionary War, which encompassed the Karrata and Pax star systems. Originally an Ideologian warmaster, Marduk defected after being captured by the Karratan special forces. What turned him to fight for the Karratan’s is unclear, but his ruthlessness and fervour for his new paymasters made him a hated figure amongst the Ideologians. Using inside knowledge of the strategies and capabilities of the Ideologian forces, Marduk was quickly able to inflict a series of war-winning incursions against Pax.

Another fabled mercenary is Berraba Amon, who is believed to be the only living renegade from the Commonwealth Guard. The only survivor from a recon unit of the Harmonisation Division, which was fatally ambushed during the first police actions to suppress the criminal gangs of Riss, Amon managed to crawl into hiding where he remained undiscovered for days. Severely wounded, he lapsed in and out of consciousness, but survived due to the application of a medical pack. The huge amounts of nerve toxins released into the atmosphere by the Harmonisation Division caused him to become insane whilst semi-comatose. When the Guard finally retreated from Riss, Amon remained behind in a field hospital as an anonymous casualty of the battle. Written off as missing in action, his service to the High Guardian effectively ended and his career as a mercenary began following an extended period of recovery and rehabilitation.

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