Ideologian Clerics

The Ideologians can sometimes be nothing more than a rabid mob, but with the right leadership, they can be turned into a highly motivated, effective force.

At the forefront of the colonisation wave, the Ideologians prey upon citizens who have very little wealth, but who are prepared to work, whilst the penniless and idle usually succumb to the lure of the criminal gangs. The founder of the Ideologian movement, Dinu Bogdan, was a fervent believer in colonisation of the stars and was present when an alien artefact was unearthed on Sarko during the construction of a power plant. His companions all perished, but Bogdan lived and inherited some strange psychic powers. Whilst recovering on a hospital ship, he began to experiment with his new powers and as he regained his strength, his psionic ability grew as well.

He spent many years studying the inner workings of the human brain and slowly began to understand how these abilities could be harnessed. The idea of a religion, of which he was the central figure to be worshipped, greatly appealed to Bogdan’s vanity, so he started to recruit people to his cause, aided to some degree by his mind-bending powers. The cause of the Ideologians began to spread rapidly when Bogdan shared his psionic powers. Dinu Bogdan died over a century ago, but his religion, which now venerates him, carries on and grows stronger day by day.

Sarko is the official homeworld of the Ideologians, but virtually every planet, moon and habitat has a presence. The Ideologian Clerics are little more than a political organisation, but use religion as a recruiting method to increase their power base.

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