Grand Families

The junior members of the aristocratic families regularly haunt the bars and drug dens in the seedier parts of town. Arrogance and a towering sense of entitlement frequently brings them into conflict with the other clientele, who are most often normal citizens, but occasionally gang members, sometimes leading to fatal consequences for the young nobles. The security forces of each family are employed to protect and preserve the Families’ way of life.

The families used to enjoy a privileged lifestyle without equal, but the growing power of the High Guardian has sapped some of their prestige. Many Grand Families used to hold senior positions in both government and commerce and were instrumental in setting up the Commonwealth.

The families have lost their grip over the corporations which they originally built their fortunes on. Boardroom battles and promotion from within the corporations have seen most of the family members slowly being voted out from their own companies, or murdered. Nevertheless, many families retain a strong power base and alliances between the grandest of families, mostly through arranged marriages, mean that they are collectively a force to be reckoned with, despite the internecine bickering.

The foremost Grand Families originating on Earth are the Anatolys, Huangs and Voraths. The other major Grand Family is the Agostino family of the Ke’den system, which contains a vital spaceport and gateway to the wealthy Third Region. A boxed set of miniatures is available for the Agostino family.

The Grand Families were among the first to realise the benefits of bio-engineering and also in adopting the alien technologies discovered at the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Consequently, the oldest patriarchs often live well into their second century and can possess some strange psychic powers.

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