Criminal Gangs

Criminality is rife across the whole Commonwealth, but prevails on many colony worlds. Traditional activities such as extortion, hi-jacking of cargoes and racketeering form the backbone of gang activities, but kidnapping and data mining are profitable new ventures for the gangs from the wealthier neighbourhoods.

Most gang activity arises because of a lack of viable employment or lack of prospects on many worlds because many jobs have now been made redundant due to a high level of automation in activities which humans used to fulfil. The gangs provide a natural alternative and also a source of income, but also excitement, so there is never a shortage of new initiates to carry out the dirty work.

Some gangs have gained a Commonwealth-wide reputation, the notable ones being the Bratski Krug on New Palestine, the Coochie Cutters on Kandar II and the Young Fists on Uluru. The Carbonis based on Riss were perhaps the most influential of the gangs, but were exterminated by the High Guard Harmonisation Division during the planet’s “re-integration” into the Commonwealth.

Although they are noted for their toughness and street smarts, the gangs can be disorganised and unskilled. Strength in numbers is a common tactic used by the gangs to overwhelm their enemies.

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