Commonwealth High Guard

Highly trained and well equipped, the High Guard of the Inviroate Commonwealth of the Federated Worlds is a formidable adversary.

Promising pupils are tested at age 5 and if deemed worthy are taken from their families and inculcated into the College of the Guardian. Each child undergoes a rigorous battery of tests to determine whether they will be strong enough physically and mentally to become a Commonwealth High Guard. During the next several years, the failed students are simply discarded, but the strongest pupils continue to be tested, trained and indoctrinated until they graduate aged 18. This brutal training regime creates an extremely capable, elite fighting force which is ultra-loyal to the office of the High Guardian.

Troopers often perform nothing more than a ceremonial role, but are occasionally called upon to act in a more Close Quartersive role. The actions of the Commonwealth High Guard on the colony world of Riss, where the local police had lost control, have become legendary. The Carboni organised crime syndicate, with members drawn from several leading underworld gangs across the Commonwealth, had succeeded in overthrowing the forces of the Protectorate. The High Guardian’s local representative, the Protector of Riss, had been assassinated and many police stations had been overrun.

In the temporary power vacuum that followed, the Carboni gang leaders declared that Riss was becoming an independent world and was going to separate itself from the Commonwealth. This direct challenge to the Guardian’s authority could not go unpunished, so the High Guard’s Harmonisation Division was mobilised. Virtually the entire population of Riss was eradicated in a heavy-handed campaign of law enforcement. This brutality only served to bolster the reputation of the Guard and re-establish the authority of the High Guardian.

The actions of the Harmonisation Division created many new enemies for the High Guardian. Several of the Grand Families began to plot against him and attempted to infiltrate the College of the Guardian with their children, using their psionic skills to retain an element of control over their offspring. This subterfuge has not yet borne any fruit and the Guard remains a truly independent faction.

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