Playing the Game

Each player takes it in turns to move, shoot and assault with most games allowing 12 turns each. There are four phases in each turn.

1. Motivation

Check to see what your squad will do: fallback or fight on!

2. Movement

Move your models around the gaming table to get the best lines of sight or to occupy the best defensive positions.

3. Shooting/Action

Shoot the enemy! You can also perform a number of other actions such as applying First Aid, using Psionic Abilities, taking prisoners or using demolitions charges. There are many more things you can do other than shoot.

4. Close Quarters

Hand-to-hand combat is often the last resort, but highly effective in finishing off the enemy.

Out of Sequence Action

One of the key mechanisms in the game that makes it more exciting to play is that you can interrupt your opponent’s sequence of actions. For example, if one of your squad is suddenly able to spot one an enemy character as they dash from cover to cover, they may attempt to shoot out of turn. Certain skills and abilities will make this easier and disrupt your opponent's plans.

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