Getting Started

What You Need

Faction Wars is a tabletop wargame designed for 28mm miniatures.  To play the game you will need:

 Introduction to playing the game

Download the character sheetDownload the character sheet as a PDF

Download the character sheet as Excel Download the character sheet in Excel format

Download the ErrataDownload the Errata as a PDF

A Note About Miniatures

The thing with most games is that you have to purchase the miniatures from the publisher of the rules, so that you end up spending lots of your hard-earned cash on more toy soldiers. If you are anything like us, then you probably already have loads of suitable miniatures already!

With Faction Wars, you can use whatever miniatures you like. We'll be launching our own range of minis soon (which we would like you to buy, of course), but if you have already got some cool models from XYZ Toy Soldier Company, then please feel free to use them.  The only stipulation with using any model is that if you decide to arm one of your Mercenaries with two pistols, then the model representing the character on the gaming table must have two pistols i.e. what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Other than that, we hope you have lots of fun trying out different factions.