If you click on the images below, you can view some hi-res scans of pages from the rulebook. Clicking a link will open a PDF file.

Be patient though, because the files are quite large in size.  They are print quality (300 dpi) so that you can fully appreciate the quality of the original artwork.

Page 1

The opening "mood" page.

The future is a dark and depressing place!

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Page 7

Part of the introduction section.

The book is split into four colour-coded sections, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for during a game.

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Page 23

The Motivation Phase in the Rules section.

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Page 32

Part of the rules covering the Action Phase.

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Page 69

Each faction has a section containing some background information, their stats, special characters etc.  This sample is from the Commonwealth High Guard.

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Page 143

Excerpt from the Weapons section.

There are numerous weapons and other equipment that you can purchase for your characters, which allows you to create specialists for different jobs e.g sniper, close combat, heavy weapons etc

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Page 171

An excerpt from the Skills section.

Each character in your squad can be upgraded with some additional skills.

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Page 185

Some of the Beasts that certain factions can purchase.

The Advancer faction is the key proponent of using beasts to do their fighting, which even includes chimps with guns!

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