Factions at War!

Some general shots of different factions. There are links at the bottom of the page to the manufacturers' web sites.

Troopers from the Security Forces attack a Criminal Gang.

Showdown between a Corporation (with an Exosuit) and a security squad from a Grand Family.

A lone Cleric takes a pot shot at some Grand Family guardsmen.

Grand Family Guardsmen.

Grand Families rely heavily on aerobots to give them more firepower.

A Corporate security team guard a warehouse.

A Security Forces trooper and sergeant.

A Commonwealth Guardsman in full Mirror Armour.

Sniper for hire.

Troopers of the Commonwealth High Guard move into position.

Security Forces take up firing positions on a gantry.

Grand Family guardsmen at the space port ane attacked by an aerobot.


This page features miniatures from the following manufacturers:

Faction Wars can be played using miniatures from lots of manufacturers. Use the miniatures you already own! Take a look at some scans from the rulebook to see more.